Monday, May 12, 2014

OC Night Market


This year, I feel like I'm finally getting in touch with my Asian/Japanese roots. I've always been the "whitest" of my friends and, to be honest, it never bothered me. Thanks to (mostly) Annie and Wendy, I'm being reintroduced to the joys of Asian food. I had boba for the first time, have a new appreciation for ramen (beyond the instant packaged kind) and gorge myself on sushi. Annie even promised to take me to try pho sometime in the near future.

So anyway, we went to the 626 Night Market's weekend pop-up in Orange County, which is modeled on the night markets in Asia with food and entertainment. We ate a ton and even had a chance to catch the tail end of the hip hop dance performances (I wish I could dance like that!).

It was such a fun experience, and I'm hoping they come back to Orange County again so I can try some of the other vendors we were too full to go to (like the red velvet egg puffs and the glazed fruit on a stick that Annie was obsessed with finding). 

Here were some of the highlights:

Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's Britney, Bitch (and Why You Should Never Bus to Vegas)

Britney, Britney, Britney! Maybe if I say her name three times fast enough, she'll magically appear and be my best friend forever.

The minute I heard Britney was starting a residency in Vegas, I knew I had to go. Reality: She's tired, she's troubled and no matter how amazing I think she is, one of these days she's going to call it quits. So I had to see her residency, of course, and the first weekend in May I made the trek over to Vegas for an unforgettable show.

Here's a look at our weekend adventure:

When Besties Brunch: Saddle Ranch Chop House

<3 Reunited

Bottomless brunches are the best meal ever invented. And since it's becoming increasingly rare that my two favorite girls are in the same place at the same time, trying a new brunch place with them was twice as nice. An epic culinary adventure it was not, but brunch is just another one of those things I love, so it's going in the blog. 

Reason #897 You Need a Cat Like Mine: Mornings With Rexy

Since it's almost Mother's Day, I'm going to post a gratuitous blog entry about the brightest part of my day—my little baby, Rex, aka Tyrannosaurus Rex, Booger, Poop Face and a million other nicknames that Brian and I have collectively come up with over the last year and a half. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Rough Week, Matt Bomer and my BFF

On Tuesday, I came home and downed a bottle and a half of wine. It was just that kind of day. Days like that, I'm so grateful to have friends like the awesome Annie, who listened to me drunkenly ramble for hours and hours until we were almost out of wine.
She also didn't show up empty-handed. There are few things that can cheer me up when I'm in a funk (alcohol and my cat are on the short list), but a COVER SHOT of Matt Bomer on Details magazine certainly helped this week.

"Why is my perfect man gay?" I ask Annie. "Why am I married?" **
"You're married because your perfect man is gay," she answers.
So wise.
I'm waiting till the weekend to settle down with just one glass of wine and read all about how Matt Bomer is "more than just a pretty face"—as if I didn't already know that; ha!—but that magazine and the hours of quiet companionship while I drown my sorrows in a wine bottle are why I feel lucky to be me, even on tough days/weeks/months like these. Things can always get worse or better, but as long as I have my best friends, wine, magazines featuring my gay man crush and my husband, I'll be just fine.

**P.S. Brian, I still love you more than Matt Bomer.